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Title: DS 3.6 Crash
Post by: Maze of Ith on October 13, 2011, 12:46:01 pm
After upgrading to DS3.6 from 3.2 the crashes stopped that I was receiving every 6-8 hours. Just a few moments ago though, the 3.6 crashed as well with the same error as before:
Code: [Select]
Looney II crashed Thu Oct 13 11:35:40 2011 with error couldn't find object
in obj_table.

0:OBJ(/secure/sefun/sefun), file: /secure/sefun/sefun.c, fun: get_stack,
origin: simul
1:OBJ(/secure/daemon/master), file: /secure/daemon/master.c, fun: crash,
origin: driver
2:OBJ(/secure/sefun/sefun), file: /secure/sefun/sefun.c, fun: CATCH, origin:
3:OBJ(/secure/sefun/sefun), file: /secure/sefun/sefun.c, fun: socket_names,
origin: simul
4:OBJ(/secure/daemon/instances), file: /secure/daemon/instances.c, fun:
CheckConnections, origin: local
5:OBJ(/secure/daemon/instances), file: /secure/daemon/instances.c, fun:
heart_beat, origin: driver
({ OBJ(/secure/sefun/sefun), OBJ(/secure/daemon/instances) })

I am not completely sure where to start checking into this problem, but maybe the driver? Maybe upgrade FluffOS? I am not sure right now, and hope for some recommendations.

It is basically a stock 3.6 lib with minor changes to exit colors for rooms, and some channel colors, but those changes were in place prior to this crash coming back. What other information can I provide that may be useful?


Title: Re: DS 3.6 Crash
Post by: cratylus on October 23, 2011, 09:45:32 am
Use a current FluffOS...it's in the 3.6 distribution.