Author Topic: Full Lima Bundle Released  (Read 9904 times)

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Full Lima Bundle Released
« on: January 24, 2009, 03:26:02 pm »
It's my pleasure to announce that I've finally got permission
to fix up and release Lima. The Lima download here is no
longer a Rube Goldbergian patch contraption, but a regular
distribution bundle like the other lib + driver combos.

As with the other bundles, I am not taking credit for Lima's
awesomeness nor blame for its lameness. I'm merely presenting
it to you bundled with the latest FluffOS, and with some
obvious stuff fixed up.

The main differences between this bundle and the Lima version
released in 2003:

Code: [Select]
- The included driver is FluffOS 2.15-ds03.
- The birthday bug that hosed "first login" is fixed.
- The default intermud router is *i4.
- The channel daemon auto-subscribes to intermud channels now.
- General cleanup of code that did not update, including .scr stuff.
- A Windows executable is included so folks on Windows can run Lima.

You can download it from the downloads page: